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About Wm. Hovey Smith


 Always an avid hunter, outdoorsman and since a very early age, a writer, Wm. Hovey Smith has been at various times a newspaper reporter, columnist, magazine author, editor, playwright, stage performer and author of 14 books. It should not be unexpected that he should also be interested in new media including having a website,, blogs and in the  rapidly expanding world of Internet Radio.

  The ability of a radio show to be archived and listened to whenever desired over a variety of electronic devices is a unparalleled advance in information transfer.

 Taking his book, “Backyard Deer Hunting: Converting deer to dinner for pennies per pound ,” as a basic platform, Smith conceived of “The Backyard Sportsman” as a means of transmitting basic information on how to live a better life in the outdoors.

  Many people feel attracted to an outdoor lifestyle, but do not have the basic skills to make that possible. Many of these skills were known to our grandparents, but have been regrettably lost with urbanization. 

  “The Backyard Sportsman” will seek to recover some of this knowledge and make it permanently accessible to anyone who might wish it. In addition, a portion of each show will be dedicated to starting and pursuing a successful outdoor-based business.

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