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Georgia’s Triple Threat Muzzleloader Hunt for Coyotes, Wild Hogs and Turkeys

May 3, 2018

Backyard deer hunting

Guns and Gear at Blue Ridge WMA
An unusual hunting possibility is present in the Spring in Georgia where it is legal to simultaneously hunt turkeys, wild hogs and coyotes using muzzleloading firearms. Although we were not successful, this video illustrates the possibilities of a Triple-Threat hunt on the Blue Ridge WMA and adjoining National Forest lands. Carson Miller and I also recorded some hunting tips, including two for older hunters.
Night hunting techniques and equipment is shown for coyote and wild hog hunting which are legal tools  in Georgia on private lands, but are NOT LEGAL on Georgia’s WMAs and National Forest Lands.
On this hunt we made several trips to hunt at various times on the Blue Ridge WMA and also tried our hands on turkey hunting on nearby Chattahoochee National Forest lands. This is all steep country, and in the Spring is populated by both hikers and even more trout fishermen/women. Hunting on these…

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