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The Backyard Sportsman Rado Show Now Removed from VoiceAmericaSports

February 5, 2011

  The 13 Episodes of  “Hovey’s Outdoor Adventures” have now been removed from the VoiceAmericaSports channel. This show was a content-driven show and never attracted sufficient sponsors to continue production. Some of the same topics, materials and guests that appeared on these episodes have been, or will be, used on my present radio show, “Hovey’s Outdoor Adventures” on WebTalkRadio.Net. This new show is more entertainment-driven, although it still has a high informational content and new slants on outdoor activities. Recent shows include, “Viva Las Vegas, Shot Show, 2011” which was taped live at the event and contains more than 20 interviews with makers of new, exciting outdoor products; “All about Dogs,” and “The Hunting Buddy.”

  A blog about these shows “Hovey’s Outdoor Adventures Blog” is available from my website,, and a full-page view can be obtained by clicking on the live link at the very bottom of the welcome page.   

A live link to the new radio show appears below. To check past topics, activate the archive tab at the top of the page and that will bring up a list of shows.

To go directly to the show page  and hear the new show click on the following URL :

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