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Holiday Show, 30-min Christmas Story, Two Adventures, Song

October 26, 2010
To listen to this or any other show go to the following  VoiceAmerica Sports show page and select the month and episode you want to hear “The Backyard Sportsman” with Wm. Hovey Smith
A Visit from Auntie Thresa Claus

Auntie Thresa Claus, Santa's Not so Nice Sister


An uninterupted reading of  the Premier Broadcast of an original Christmas story, “A Visit from Auntie Thresa Claus,”  by Wm. Hovey Smith will be featured in this Holiday Show. Thresa Claus visits six families on Christmas day, and should hospitality be refused to Santa’s sister, she has the power to take everything related to Christmas away. She has been inadvertently summoned to the Jay’s family home by Jennifer, the youngest daughter, who must find a way to prevent a disastrous outcome.  Through Jennifer’s action, a bad outcome is narrowly averted, and the family has an enjoyable Christmas.

  This story is available as a 30-min one-act stage play as well as a screenplay. Copies of the play and script may be obtained from and more information is available at the Auntie Thresa Claus Blog at the bottom of the WebSite’s welcome page.


Christmas at Copper River

  This is an adventure story of me as a young Second Lt. of Engineers blowing holes in an ice-clogged river to prevent damage to a vital bridge across the Copper River at  Copper Center, Alaska.  Engineer officers get to do some interesting things, and this included me crashing down on top of 1,000 pounds of lit explosives when our helicopter decided to quit, a civilian aircraft being nearly being knocked out of the sky by ice chunks and me having a very cold Christmas dinner thawing World War II C-rations out in a tin shed at 26 degrees below zero – all good training for a young Army officer.


Armadillo Safari

Tanegashima, or Tagie for short, is a Japanese matchlock that the author felt obligated to take hunting and try to kill something with.


Matchlock shooter readying his gun.

  Because matchlock guns have been in use longer than any other type of firearm, I felt that it was vital that I get one and learn to hunt with it. After all, these were considered perfected in Europe by the 1500s and were used on all classes of game, including waterfowling. I did not have access to any European replicas, but I could get a Tanegashima-style matchlock that was, at that time,  made in Japan.

  Getting the gun to shoot at all was the first challenge, but I ultimately did manage to hunt with it and kill game. My conclusion was, “A matchlock gun is ideal for someone who wants a maximum hunting experience, but does not want to be bothered to clean much game.


  A sincerely rendered, but badly sung, song from an unexpected source concludes the program.

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