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North America’s Diverse Hunting Opportunities on Oct. 29

October 23, 2010
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  This Tundra Swan  is one of a number that the author has taken with muzzleloading guns over the years. This particular one was the result of a week-long hunt in freezing conditions. A video, “Swan Hunting and Cooking”  is available on YouTube.

  Some hunters only consider the hunts that they were tought to do by their fathers and don’t think about taking on some of North America’s more unusual species like swan, alligators and the Western grouse. All of  these are regionally available and anyone may hunt them, although usually with prior application and after drawing a permit. Even closer to home, look and see what offered that you do not usually hunt. These hunts will introduce you to some of the most beautiful places on the Continent and broaden your knowledge of the country, people and game.  

  The common Tundra swan is available in large numbers in the eastern parts of North Carolina and nearby Virginia as well as some locations in the Western U.S. Taken when they have had a chance to feed out on corn, these are the best eating of all waterfowl. The limit on swan is one a year, and by permit only. Alligators may be hunted under various restrictions in all of the Gulf Coast states and in Arkansas and South Carolina. These large reptiles are common to abundant in parts of their habitats and provide exciting hunts and good food. If you like upland birds, nothing in the Americas beats hunting the various grouse in central Montana where five native species exist along with pheasants, Hungarian partridge and waterfowl.     



    This discussion will center around some of the specialized equipment needed for taking swan, alligators hunting and shotgun and pistol options for Western grouse.     


    Gene Jameson started his own company Jameson Woodworks in Belton, SC, after being laid off from his job designing and building prototypes for medical devices. A skilled woodworker with an industrial background, he founded a business to produce precision wooden knife kits which he markets to major retailers as well as through knife companies, such as Case Cutlery.  He now sells his JJ Knife kits in Hunter, Trapper and Tactical styles. These are boxed in metal tins and require wood finishing and assembly. These are excellent tools for kids to learn about folding knives and wood-finishing techniques.  


    Safely salvaging and consuming road-killed deer and other animals will be the focus of this cooking section. Road kills are available with all degrees of carcass damage from almost none to being a red smear on the pavement. With proper selection these can provide wholesome meat for around 10 cents per pound.

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