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The Backyard Sportsman Takes Big, Big Game with Handguns, Oct. 22

October 15, 2010
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Bill Booth with a very large American buffalo taken with a Smith & Wesson revolver.

 Hunters in North America have increasing opportunities to hunt very large species of big game such as the buffalo (or bison) with a variety of hunting tools, including some very powerful handguns. Hunting and dealing with very large game animals such as buffalo, moose and elk will be the focus of today’s show.


  Our guest on this program is Bill Booth, a retired police Lt. who is now  the Account Manager for the Smith & Wesson at  Blue Heron, a marketing firm specializing in the outdoor industry. Booth is an avid handgun hunter, and he and Hovey will discuss hunting a variety of game with cartridge and muzzleloading handguns.


    Handguns, handgun training and the suitability of handguns for use for taking  big and small game will be the focus of this discussion. Points that will be made are that training is necessary to overcome the physical challenges of shooting any handgun, much less one that is capable of killing the largest of game animals. Both Booth and Hovey are experienced handgun hunters and provide comments on using both cartridge and muzzleloading handguns.  


    The home business section will consider building and selling simple outdoor cooking equipment that provides a “green” solution while minimizing the amount of cooking gear needed to feed a hunting camp. Backyard Business Module 11 discusses the additional training that a business owner might need to acquire to successfully operate a modern business and where that might be obtained.


    This week’s cooking section will feature cooking on sheet-iron, a flat cooking surface that allows everything to be cooked that can be made on a Waffle House grill.  A variety of recipes and techniques will be explored.

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  1. Everyone permalink
    May 13, 2012 11:10 pm

    Look at the big brave hunter. Shot and killed a Buffalo. What a warrior. Probably left it to rot. Well done. A great achievement.

    • May 13, 2012 11:42 pm

      Every animal that I took on this Safari was consumed. Meat is too scarce a commodity in South Africa to be wasted. I took some of every animal that I took, including ox-tail soup and steaks from the buffalo, and the remainder was sold on the local market. This is legal and customary in SF. The numbers of animals on game ranches need to be controlled to keep them from damaging their habitats or undergoing large die-offs during dry seasons. Hunters happen to do the harvesting instead of slaughter houses and bring significant amounts of income into areas that otherwise would be in dire poverty. There fees also support restoration of endangered species like the rino. I do take some pride in my accomplishment, had an exciting life experience and do not regret it. You may judge my actions as you like, but I kill, butcher and eat my food; rather than have it done for me in some distant packing house and shipped to me in sanatized plastic. I am closer, and have better regard, for the animals I kill than those who buy nearly-synthetic beef in a shop or resturant.

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