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The Backyard Sportsman on Wild Hog Hunting & Cooking, Oct. 8

October 8, 2010
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Wild hogs like this 200 pounder taken less than a mile from the author's back door are increasingly available to American sportsmen.


   Wild hogs have been a part of  America’s landscape since colonial days when they were introduced by the early Spanish explorers. Because they have large litters and breed twice a year, they can quickly grow from a population of a few pair to hundreds within five years. Aggressive control by hunting and trapping is needed to keep these efficient feeders from rooting up nearly everything on the forest floor as well as causing agricultural damage.  These feral pigs may be hunting with a variety of bows, guns and edged tools. Our guest, Sharon Henson, takes on these animals with spears.


    The introduction, biology and distribution of wild hogs in the U. S. will be discussed along with the methods that are used to control them. Because they are prolific breeders, many states allow wild hogs to be taken any time of year. These hogs may often be hunted at night, over bait, with dogs and other ways that are usually not permitted when hunting deer and other game.

  Sharon Henson, who is originally from Maine where she is now visiting her family, has lived in the Southeast for decades and hunted hogs and other animals with spears in both Texas and Alabama. This spunky lady has killed more than 20 hogs with her spears.  


    Custom building muzzleloading rifles for yourself and others will consider both the economics of this enjoyable and practical craft, how to get started and where to find markets for what you produce.  These guns can range from kits assembled from pre-fitted components to completely building a gun from scratch. Most builders purchase their barrels, locks and stocks from suppliers and then assemble and decorate the guns in a variety of distinctive American styles.


    Business Module 9 will discuss the various aspects of having a partner join you in your new business venture and the ramifications of this relationship.    


    The special methods needed to safely handle and cook wild hogs will be presented, along with comments on which hogs to select for best eating.

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