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Backyard Sportsman Takes On Urban Deer, Oct. 1

September 22, 2010
To listen to this or any other show go to the following  VoiceAmerica Sports show page and select the month and episode you want to hear “The Backyard Sportsman” with Wm. Hovey Smith

Urban deer, alive and dead, all too often wind up in resident's yards.


   Increasing populations of urban deer brings danger to the residents, damage to property and increases the danger of  insect-spread illness  like Lyme disease. Hovey Smith, The Backyard Sportsman, will discuss urban deer control with Georgia’s Assistant Chief of Game Management, John Bowers. This discussion will cover the size of the problem and explain why hunting is very nearly the only practical solution.  


    The urban deer discussion will focus first on the scope of the problem, its impact on residents and the results of animal-vehicle collisions and property damage. During the second segment of the show the discussion will progress to tools and techniques for safely hunting urban deer and other problem species. The discussion will conclude with suggestions on how to convert these problem animals into food resources for needy families.     


    Money saving ways to more easily retrieve your deer will be considered as building two types of homemade deer carriers and several potential variations are discussed. 


    Business Module 8 will ask if you have the “fire in your belly” to persist during the early stages of business development when almost all of your available money is being spent on your business,  little income is forthcoming and people are telling you to cut abandon your dream and cut your losses.   


    Hovey will go through the steps of making low-fat stews and soups with readily available ingredients to provide tasty and healthy one-pot family meals. 

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