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Low-Cost Cartridge Guns for Deer and Other Game, Sept. 17

September 14, 2010
To listen to this or any other show go to the following  VoiceAmerica Sports show page and select the month and episode you want to hear by clicking  the following:  “The Backyard Sportsman” with Wm. Hovey Smith.


American-made single-shot rifles like this Harrington and Richardson .45-70 rifle provide effective hunting guns at minimal costs.

  Obtaining a hunting gun from a relative, or buying a new rifle, can be a barrier to hunting for many people. This show will discuss low costs-options including purchasing a new relatively low-costs American-made single shot rifle that can kill any North American game.  Information obtained from Patrick Boehnen about Harrington & Richardson’s low-cost single-shot guns will be presented by Chris Ellis. and a new Handi-Rifle in the winner’s choice of calibers will be given away in an exclusive drawing  for Backyard Sportsman listeners that is open until October 1, 2010.   


    Being given or purchasing a hunting gun that belongs to someone in the family may be a new hunter’s lowest-cost entry into hunting and gun ownership.  Cautions that need to be exercised in accepting and using an unfamilure firearm will be discussed as well as  buying a new, and relatively inexpensive,  American-made single-shot rifle.  


    Although Patrick Boehnen was unable to participate in the live broadcast, information about Harrington & Richardson’s extensive line of single-shot guns will be given by Remington’s Public Relations Consultant, Chris Ellis.  The H&R family of guns has been produced in its basic form for more than 50 years and has been proven in the field by millions of hunters as a shotgun, rifle and even as a muzzleloader.  Many users of single-shot rifles find that they take more game per shot fired, because they know they must be precise about shot placement.            


    Continuing the theme of deer processing, this show will discuss grinding, cutting and wrapping meat and how wrapping for home consumption differs from commercial operations. 

  Business Module 6. 

  This will include a  recap of the previous 5 modules, and present the considerations that need to go into prototyping your business model to determine start-up needs, potential costs and possible profits. 


    Detailed instructions will be given for making fresh sausage, seasoning options and cooking instructions for use as breakfast paddies, boudan, sausage loafs and as a seasoning in vegetables, beans, soups and salads. 

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