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Excalibur’s Bill Troubridge to Talk Crossbows, Sept. 3

August 30, 2010
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Bill Troubridge from the cover of the author's book, "Crossbow Hunting."


     Bill Troubridge and his wife Kath have formed a remarkable husband-wife team who designs, builds and sells hunting and target crossbows all over the world. Disappointed with the poor quality of existing crossbows, Bill built is own and later expanded production for first, the small community of crossbow target archers and later for hunters. The modernization of crossbows from wooden-stocked models to those featuring advanced composit materials is continuing, with Excalibur crossbows remaining benchmark recurve crossbows. The Troubridges have hunted all over the world with their crossbows, “made for hunters by hunters.” 


    Bill Troubrige will relate some of his hunting adventures with which have included hunts in North America for game as varied as musk ox in the Canadian Arctic to javelina and deer in Texas. His adventures have also taken him to Australia and on several trips to Africa where he has killed both Cape buffalo and Elephant with his crossbows.     


    This section will describe the different types of modern crossbows and selecting the best crossbow for North American deer hunters. Crossbows are available that youngsters, women, the disabled and aged can shoot.  Using crossbows can extend a person’s archery hunting for 2o or 30 years beyond the time when they can no longer pull a powerful hunting-weight bow because cocking aids allow even a powerful crossbow to be cocked with as little as 8-pounds of force. 


    Making some of your own hunting equipment will be featured including a homemade arrow target that will stop any crossbow arrow that is better than any currently on the market and cost nearly nothing. Also featured will be crossbows by David Watson of Austin, Texas who makes replicas of crossbows that were used in the 14 and 1500s and information on how to get in touch with like-minded enthusiast. 

  Business Module 4. 

  What do you really want to accomplish with your business? The answer to this question can, and should, vary with each individual. The author will explain how it is sometimes advantageous for a business to lose money initially to offset a spouse’s tax liability and make money after a person is retired to bring in needed income with a reduced tax liability. 


    Field dressing a deer and similar-sized big game animals will be featured on this segment. This process allows the animal’s weight to be reduced by about 30 percent and also removes the bothersome lower legs that get tangled up in brush when the animal is drug out of the woods.     

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  1. Bob Oshetski permalink
    April 30, 2011 10:16 pm

    Your bows are built by hunters,I spend 100% of my time in trees (double). Have you ever considered building a vertical crossbow? I own 3 of your bows now and I love them. I am responsible for dozens of sales. I let people try out my bows and people buy them. I know it isn’t impossible to build them…You would be the first. Please consider? I would pay to have one built.

    Bob Oshetski

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