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August 20 Hunting and Cooking Squirrels for Family Meals

August 16, 2010


To listen to this or any other show go to the following  VoiceAmerica Sports show page and select the month and episode you want to hear “The Backyard Sportsman” with Wm. Hovey Smith.
Five squirrels can make a nice pot of squirrel stew, while the tails can provide fishing lures.



    Squirrels provided food for American pioneers when they settled the Continent, and can still yield good hunting opportunities and excellent eating. This show presents five species of North American tree squirrels and tells about their habitats, food sources and how to successfully hunt them alone, with a partner or using a dog. Squirrels are ideal for training beginning hunters as many of the methods used to hunt and clean squirrels can also be applied to deer and larger game.    


    Diverse hunting methods and tools will be discussed including stalking with .22 rifles, shotguns, the use of combination guns, handguns, shotguns of various gauges and muzzleloaders of all types. Crossbows and air rifles also have their place in helping to manage populations of urban squirrels that can infest people’s houses. 

  One of the best bonding opportunities that can take place between parent and child or grandparent and grandchild is when the two generations go squirrel hunting together and the child provides keener hearing and sight and the older partner provides experience and hunting savvy.   


   Squirrel tails in states where they may be legally sold provide a very minor money-making opportunity by allowing the tails from animals taken for food to be salvaged and converted into fishing lures.  Equiping and staging hunt camps for non-resident hunters offers more potential profit.  The segment on Home business discusses converting your passion into a money-making business.    

  Business Module 2. 

  What work do you enjoy doing so much that you are likely doing it now, and would even do it if no one paid you?   In any business there are many trials and times when things seem to be going against you. Anyone starting a business has to have a sufficiently strong passion  for whatever he is doing to push through these troubling times and make a go of it.  If this passion does not exist, the business will likely fail.


  While young squirrels may be fried, adult squirrels and fox squirrels must be slow-cooked in water or a moist environment for best results. Described in the show is a slow cooking method for squirrels in onion gravy and a squirrel stew. Squirrel stews have historical aspects including a Brunswick Stew originating in Brunswick County, Virginia. However the city of Brunswick, Georgia, disputes this, and asserts that real Brunswick stew started off with a smoked hog’s head to which was added other wild game meats, including sometimes squirrel.

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